• Anthony Ham

    Anthony Ham_sm

    Name: Anthony Ham
    Profile: Author of “how to survive your coach”. Survive Your Coach”. Has managed to change down about 4 suit sizes (at least) over the last few years. A very good contact for a very good bottle of red wine (or two!).
    Achievements: A couple of places behind tony ohagan in the 1994 NZ ironman. Has a 4:48 half Ironman and a 11:18 NZ Ironman to his credit in 2009.

  • Bex Burridge


    Name: Bex Burridge
    Profile: A nice runner who is moving up the triathlon ranks.
    Achievements: Places in athletics, tag team champion, and a member of the World champs triathlon team in 2009.

  • Bex Fogarty

    Becs Forlong

    Name: Becs Forlong
    Profile: handy runner and pretty good a looking after aching muscles too. www.performancemassage.co.nz
    Achievements: Commonwealth games track runner!

  • Diana Simpson


    Successful at her first full Ironman – qualified for Kona! Also winner of the sandbagger award 2013 (able to race far faster than training would indicate!). Not one to mess with – a spade is a spade – no garden implements with Diana!

  • Donal Sheehy

    coro 002

    Our Irish import. Quite a handy runner, but we dont mind giving him his medicine on the bike or in the swim. When mixed with a bit of scottish post race – there is usually trouble.

  • Ed Delamare

    Eduardo Delamarè

    Multisporter come Ironman. Tries (successfully) to bribe the coach with fresh venison, crayfish are assorted hunter/gather items. Not one to shy away from competition within the squad – even if it results in tears (usually his own).

  • Francesca Stafford


    Francesca is an up and coming athlete – good at half ironman (podium at National Champ’s), and short distance. Off to her second World Championships in London this year.

    You will also see her taking a few of the group sessions as a successful body double!

  • Ivan Bartley


    Part of the Bartley-Simpson partnership. Set fashion on a friday mornings with knee length boardies. Quite a handy athlete – with a 10:09 Ironman to his credit. Diana does have the visit to Kona first in the family though!

  • Lynley Twyman


    Name: Lynley Twyman
    Profile: Able to inhale as much caffeine as the next person or more!
    Achievements: Worked hard and got another well erned Ironman finish in 2009!

  • Martina Fellmann


    Up and coming young athlete. Off to world chmaps in London. If you need your vision sorted – Martina will send you in the right direct (well, maybe in a year or two!).

  • Neil Stafford


    Name: Neil Stafford
    Profile: Big Neil! I could tell you a few stories, but then Neil would have to kill you – marines are like that…
    Achievements: Has managed a 4:28 Ironman when there was no swim and the bike and run legs were halved. Normally a shade over 11 hours, but we will see if we can get him under 10!

  • Nicola Sproule


    Started life in duathlons, and has been a stable member of the tadpole lane at tri-squad. Now a bonafied Ironman – with a qualification to Kona at her first finish! Doing Ironman NZ, Duathlon world champs, and Kona this year!

  • Paul Bowskill

    Tall Paul or chicken legs. After a few months in the gym, he has developed a second muscle fibre in his thigh. Still uses a small girls arm warmer as a calf guard though. Great comeback Ironman after 25 years in 2016, for 11:53, 5th in the 60-64 AG and is off to Hawaii!

  • Quentin Fogarty


    Name: Quentin Fogarty
    Profile: Brother Quentin. Cervelo test pilot and part time web designer.
    Achievements: Big mover and improver in Ironman this year, taking over an hour off his best time to come in under 10 hours.

  • Ross Plumpton


    Little Ross is our secret assasin. Gets on with the job, generally suffers in silence, and if you faulter he will pounce! Ross has performed with distinction at Ironman, world champs long course, and short distances racing too! Models team kit very well too!

  • Sacha Cowlrich


    Name: Sacha Cowlrich
    Profile: Has a great handle on real life and should really be a commentator on life!
    Achievements: Has survived Monaco half Ironman, as well as beating the glow stick demons!

  • Tracey Livingston


    Ironman and sprint triathlon specialist! Forms the backbone of the tadpole lane, although her time there will be limited in the future. Known to occasionally turn up to events in drift cars.  If you need a helping hand – Tracey will be your buddy and help you out!

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