Most people find the motivational factor of training in a group of similarly motivated people a real boost to their own training. We offer a range of sessions (detailed below) available to all. Pick and mix the sessions that suit your training goals and aspirations. New to the schedule is a core and strength session at RAYC from 5:30pm on Thursday. this will be a 45minuste session or core strength, swim cords and other strength exercises (swim and triathlon specific). You can then do the technique bike class after if you wish!
  • Core and Strength

    5:30 pm start at RAYC (Tamaki Dr), core and specific strength sessions. Medicine ball work, core strength, swim cords and body weight strength exercises. $5 per session. 40-45min per session. The spin classes follow (as a separate session).

  • Cycle trainer sessions

    Day Detail / focus Where and when
    Tuesday Hard interval session. If you want a hard workout – this is the one for you! Primarily a threshold / VO2 max session, with a few sprints now and then! Lung and leg burner Royal Akarana Yacht Club, 8 Tamaki Drive, Okahu Bay Class begins at 6.30pm (set up from 6pm)- Duration 1.15hr.
    Thursday (starts 21/4/16) Easier technique session, and a good recovery ride for the more experienced rider. There is a core and strength session before (particularly swim strength) at 5:30. Royal Akarana Yacht Club, 8 Tamaki Drive, Class begins at 6.30pm (set up from 6:15)- Duration 1hr.
  • Run Sessions

    Day Detail / focus Where and when
    Monday Speed/strength session. An easy warm-up (generally longer), followed by some efforts (at your own pace). The efforts are generally short and quite high intensity (if appropriate for you), with good recovery between efforts. This session is to help make you faster! Everyone can do the efforts at their own pace, and there is a re-group through the warm-up and between sets/efforts. Some strength exercises (leg and core) are included. Easy run to finish. Grand Stand, Domain (off Carlton Gore Rd, City). Session begins at 5.30pm- Duration 50min to 1hr
    Friday Hard session. An easy warm-up, followed by some efforts (at your own pace, appropriate to you). The efforts will be in a circuit, so everyone can do it at their own pace. Easy run to finish. These are usually threshold type efforts. Grand Stand, Domain (off Carlton Gore Rd, City). Session begins at 6.30am- Duration 50min to 1hr
  • Training Costs

    Rate Note
    Wind training $10.00 per session (casual)Concession card (ten sessions) $75.00 Auckland City Tri Club Senior and Junior members receive a subsidy – see ACT website for details)
    Run sessions $5.00 per session (casual) Coached athletes – included in programme fee
    Triathlon brick $20.00 per session ACT Junior member special rates apply. See coach for details.
  • Triathlon Specific Brick

    Day Detail / focus Where and when
    Saturday Swim, bike, run (or any combination – depending on the week). Sessions typically include pool swim followed by a wind training bike session and finish with a run session. Focus of the sessions changes through the season – check news/training section, facebook or the Auckland City Tri Club website for further detail each week. Cost is $20 ($10 for one discipline). Discount available for juniors. Diocesan School for Girls, Clyde St, Epsom.(Unless otherwise advised)(Pool and Gym)Swim session begins at 7.15am and windtraining at 8.40am.Generally full session is concludes by 10.45am
  • Zwift training sessions

    While we are in Lock-down, we will be running group Zwift sessions most days (twice on tuesdays!). Most will have the option for a structured work-out. if you want to follow these, let me know and I can make sure you get the sessions file. A few points to note:

    • You will need to follow me (tony ohagan) on zwift, so that I can invite you. Then let me know that you want to be invited.
    • The structured session files need to be saved in your zwift set-up folder (on a laptop or desktop), which is usually in; Documents/zwift/workouts/<#your zwift id folder>. If you have more than one account on your computer, there will be more than one numbered folder in the workouts folder. The folder number corresponds to your zwift id number. I guess save in both if unsure which is yours! Start zwift and login on the lap-top/desktop (dont need to ride, or connect sensors) to get the files loaded into your zwift account.
    • The best way to join in is to get on with time to spare, as there is no dropping in late! After the paired devices screen, you will be on the worlds choice screen. On the top right under upcoming events, there should be the “meetup” listed and “you are going” ticked. At this point go to the world that the sessions is to be run on (either Watopia or the default world for that day). Once at the world (if it needs to change), hit the ride button. You can ride or wait until the meet-up opens.
    • with ~ 5minutes to start time, a blue “join meetup” button will apper at the botton left. It is best to hit this as soon as possible and go to the holding pen. Once in the holding pen, if you are doing the structured workout, hit “e” on the keyboard and choose the custom workout that is for the session. You should then be back at the holding pen and the workout listed on the left. When the Meetup starts you may need to hit a “start workout” button if that appears. Then get pedalling! Pedal as soon as the Meetup ride starts.
    • Most of the sessions will be “keep group together” which means that as long as you keep pedalling and all internet connections work, you will stay with the group. If you stop pedalling, you will get dropped, and it is very hard to get back on. If you are dropped (more than 5seconds behind), you can try a hard effort to get back on, but make it a hard effort, or it will not happen.
    • At this point I dont believe there is anyway to start late or catchup if something goes wrong. You can “ride with tony” if you see my name on the select works page, and you will be dropped into where I am riding, but you wont be held within the group (that is up to you!).
    • There is a messenger group for queries as we go, and I will load files in there. Coached athletes can also get the files from a dropbox.

    Saturdays will have the option to do a race. We have been challenged by another squad to a race-off. Sundays long rides will be a group ride, but not a structured workout.


    Monday: easy ride ~70min, 7:05am start. Structures ride option available. Everyone stays together.

    Tuesday: Hard ride ~75min, 7:05am start. Structured session. repeat session for those that cant do the am session at 5:35pm. Everyone stays together.

    Wednesday: moderate ride (zone 1/2) ~80-90min, 7:05 start. Structured program available. Everyone stays together.

    Thursday: Solid steady with sprints ride ~90-100min, 7:05 start. Structured session. Everyone stays together.

    Friday: easy ride ~60-70min, 7:05 start. Structures ride option available. Everyone stays together.

    Saturday: Race or time trial. Selected event posted closer to the time (7:30 to 8:30 am start time ideally). Possible interclub ride.

    Sunday: Long ride ~2hr+, 8:05 start. No structured program, but usually a stick together ride.

    A few (hopefully) helpful references:

    Shane Miller – GPLama does a number of good Youtube videos, including Zwifting:

    Joining meetups:

    How to join events:

    Connecting to Trainingpeaks and Strava:


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