Christmas Training 2017-2018

  • Added December 21, 2016

Here is a run down on the training sessions over the Christmas and new year.
Friday 22rd December: Running session at 6:30 am Domain (as usual)
Saturday 23th December: Saturday brick – bike (hill circuit) and run (some stairs involved).
Sunday 24th December: long ride (sailing club) 7am
Monday 25th December: Santa Swim 7:30 Takapuna beach. Short ocean swim with the occasional carol sung at the buoys. Please let me know if you are coming, and bring a secret santa ($5-10 gift to exchange). Some refreshments available.
Friday 29th December: Run intervals Domain (6:30 as usual)
Saturday 30th December: Long ride (Clevedon).
Sunday 1st December: Long run (out west).
Monday 1st Jan: run speed session Domain 5:30 pm.
Tuesday 2nd January: Strength class and bike class as usual.

If you are coming to the santa swim please let me know.

Happy summer training.


p.s. this page will be updated with additional sessions depending on interest

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